Indoor Air Quality Consultation

CHAMPURE's IAQ Consultant Team is composed of a group of experienced IAQ professionals and R&D specialists. During the SARS outbreak in 2003, the Chief Consultant of CHAMPURE’s IAQ Team was also one of the leader of the Expert Team deployed by the HKSAR government to formulate cross-infection control measures in a total of 41 public hospitals. And eventually, the SARS ended without large-scale spreading.

CHAMPURE’s IAQ consultancy service aims to meet the IAQ objectives of our clients. On-site inspection and assessments with precise and advanced instruments will be conducted to collect necessary data set from the pre-defined parameters. By analyzing and comparing the data against either or both the local and international IAQ standards, we would then advise the most suitable and cost-effective improvement plan to our clients. CHAMPURE team is also capable to setup the procurement criteria for sourcing of air treatment devices, or even assist to execute the improvement plan under the capacity of Project manager to ensure the outcomes meet the objectives set forth as per the IAQ consultancy projects.

Furthermore, CHAMPURE team partners with the Registered Contractor of the Hong Kong Registered Specialist Contractors (Ventilation) Association in provision of ventilation assessment, certificate of air purification devices and issue of ventilation certificates services.

Scope of Services (including but not limited to)

  • Indoor ventilation assessment
  • Application services for ventilation certificates
  • Application services for air purification devices certificates
  • Recommendations for passing the IAQ Certification Scheme by HK Environmental Protection Department
  • Examine the fresh air supply and airflow direction of the air conditioning system
  • Indoor clean room solution
  • Positive/ Negative pressure room design and solution
  • Air treatment solution of prevention of cross-infection

Ventilation Inspection And Certification

We have more than 20 years of providing consulting service experience, serving public and private institutions, medical institutions, educational institutions, etc., and are committed to using our professional knowledge and experience in indoor air quality to formulate tailor-made improvement solutions for customers.


  • Respirable suspended particles (PM 0.3 – PM 10)
  • CO2
  • Formaldehyde(HCHO)
  • Total volatile organic compounds(TVOC)
  • Air velocity
  • Adenosine triphosphate
  • Room temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Ozone
  • Ion
  • Air flow direction

Scope of assessment

  • Detects 5 test locations, additional charges apply for each additional location
  • Testing time: 1-2 hours (depending on the size of the environment and the number of measurement points)
  • Provide a preliminary test report, and a special person will explain the report on site
  • Detailed report will be provided later, including measures to improve indoor air quality

*Reservation is required for at least 5-7 working days in advance

Environmental Disinfection Service

Virus is observed to have higher transmissibility, especially coronavirus. Authoritative organizations pointed out that coronavirus can be transmitted though airborne transmission. It could attach to the surface of suspended particles and keep floating in the air to cause infection, and the distance of transmission is larger than that of droplet infection.

Coronavirus survives in the air for several hours and can be transmitted at distances greater than 2 meters. Poor ventilation facilitates the airborne transmission of the virus. In addition, coronavirus has a prolonged survival time, as it could survive up to a week by staying on the objects surface, and therefore, there will be a high risk of cross-infection in a confined space with a confirmed case. Under such circumstances, we strongly recommend that the virus-contaminated area should undergo a thorough environmental disinfection procedure immediately.

CHAMPURE has its own professional team to provide environmental disinfection services to customers, including:

  • Use ATP (adenosine triphosphate) bioluminescence meter to test the contaminated surfaces, detect the concentration of microorganisms in the environment before the disinfection service
  • Use various types of professional spray devices to sanitize surface of objects
  • Anti-bacterial principle: penetrate the cell membrane, undergo an oxidation reaction, disable their ability to replicate
  • Antiviral principle: penetrate the cell membrane and protein shell, destroy the virus core (DNA/RNA), and eliminate it
  • ATP test will be carried out upon completion of service, and test report will be provided accordingly
  • Provide a certificate of disinfection service

Formaldehyde removal service

VOCs are common indoor chemical pollutants that can be released from sources such as building materials, cleaners, adhesives, paints, carpets, furniture, and more. It can remain in objects or spaces for extended periods of time, and prolonged exposure to high concentrations of organic or other toxic compounds may cause acute and chronic health effects.

The most commonly known harmful gas is formaldehyde. Even if it is only a low concentration of formaldehyde, long-term exposure can cause chronic respiratory diseases, nasopharyngeal cancer, colon cancer, brain tumor, nuclear gene mutation and other health problems. The impact on children and pregnant is particularly significant.

The cleanliness of the environment is closely related to the quality of indoor air. Therefore, CHAMPURE service team also provides Formaldehyde Removal Services, in order to create the most superior and clean home or working environment for customers in need.

Scope of Service

  • Pre- and post-service sampling comparison on the formaldehyde concentration by professional detection device.
  • Using air catalyst technology to achieve
  • 1. 24 hours a day and night to decompose formaldehyde
    2. Safe and harmless to pets and human body
    3. No erosion and no traces on furniture surface